Versatech understands the difference between text book engineering and common sense engineering and we rely heavily on the common sense engineering approach to robotic integration solutions that are robust and reliable in real world applications. We integrate the most innovative robotics, automation and controls hardware with proven software controls and programming. We design and build automated and robot integrated assembly and testing systems that ensure our clients the capability to reach their production and efficiency goals. Every job is custom..that's just what we do.

Visit our Technology page to review a sampling of the many controls & progamming systems that we currently utilize.

  Robotic Assembly  

Versatech can integrate most robot brands (Motoman, Fanuc, Denso, Mitsubishi, UR, etc) into a standalone work cell or a fullly automated system to improve throughput and reliability. No project is too large or too small!

Some standard Robotic Assembly Solutions:

  • Screw install / driving
  • Clip install
  • Standard pick and place
  • Dispensing (adhesive, lube, etc)
  • Vision system integration (Keyence or Cognex)
  • Ultrasonic cutting
  • Integration with covenyors or indexers
  • Integration with various PLC's and HMI's

  CNC Machine Tending  

Do you need to reduce manpower in your machining operations? Versatech offers the pre-engineered VersaCELL robotic automation solution for mid-size CNC lathes, machining centers, and grinders. The VersaCELL provides machine shops with a simple, compact, and cost effective automatic loading system that can handle a wide range of parts.

Versatech can also provide a custom machine tending solution to address your specific needs. Whether it be hanging the robot upside down or mounting a robot on a linear rail to service several machines, Versatech can engineer a solution to address your unique situation.

In conjunction with robotic machine teching, Versatech can provide complete turnkey systems:

  • Hydraulic machining center integration
  • Fixture design and fabrication
  • Material handling
  • Cutting tool and process validation support

Versatech can integrate most major robot brands.


  Robotic Vision Inspection  

Versatech can combine part inspection or part locating with almost any robot.

Do you have a difficult or large part that needs inspection? Mount a camera on the end of a robot arm and allow the robot and vision system to complete the inspection process!

Do you have a process that requires a part to be located and then brought the next process? Apply a vision guided robot!

Versatech is a certified Keyence vision integrator, but can also integrate Cognex systems.


  Robot End of Arm Tooling  

Versatech will design, fabricate, and integrate tooling for new or existing robots. Some common solutions include:

  • Custom Pick & Place Tooling
  • Pneumatic Grippers
  • Vacuum + Suction Cup Systems
  • Explosion Proof Systems
  • Vision Systems (Keyence or Cognex)

  Packing & Palletizing  

Versatech can create a custom robotic solution for your case packing or palletizing process. Whether you need to put product into a box or place the box onto a pallet or need a solution to do both, Versatech will engineer a system to match your requirements.

Case Packing:

  • Rapid pick and place motion
  • Can be integrated with vision for 100% product inspection prior to packaging
  • Pick from moving conveyor with vision part location


  • User-friendly robotic palletizing software
  • Robot payload capacities range from zero to 1325 lbs.
  • Various robot tooling options & configurations - suction cup, pneumatic grippers, etc

Collaborative Palletizing Cell:

  • Dual-pallet loaders for non-stop production
  • Vertical movement for extended pallet heights
  • 17-pound payload
  • 6-8 picks per minute
  • Customized to your specifications
  • Compact footprint