Versatech understands the difference between textbook engineering and common sense engineering and we rely heavily on the common sense engineering approach to automation integration solutions that are robust and reliable in real-world applications. We integrate the most innovative robotics, automation equipment, and controls hardware with proven software controls and programming. We design automation and build machines to utilize automation equipment and robotic integration for assembly and testing systems that ensure our clients have the capability to reach their production and efficiency goals. Every job is configured to fit the exact need of each customer.

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Do your production workers struggle to repetitively assemble your products while maintaining quality and productivity standards? Let Versatech’s custom automation team design a consistent, streamlined process to improve efficiency and quality simultaneously. Versatech’s automation equipment can accommodate both large and small parts in either one cell or multiple-station configurations.

Standard Automated Assembly Solutions:

  • Screw Install/Driving
  • Robotic Packaging
  • Automatic Palletizer
  • Automatic Machine Tending
  • Pressing Applications
    • Force and Distance Monitoring
  • Dispensing Systems
    • Thread Lock, Grease, and Adhesives
  • Part Marking
    • Dot Peen
  • Laser Etching
  • Heat Staking
  • Sonic Welding
  • Rotary Indexers
  • De-stat Systems
Are inspection errors or inability to inspect parts costing you time and money in quality claims? Let Versatech integrate inspection into any assembly application to create a mistake-proof operation while increasing quality and reducing downtime.

Standard Integrated Automation Inspection Solutions:

  • Vision inspection (utilizing Keyence or Cognex vision systems)
  • Sensor mistake proofing
Versatech can design and integrate testing equipment into existing or Versatech-designed turn-key solutions. Let our experienced team of engineers develop test equipment to suit your company’s needs.

Standard Automated Testing Solutions:

  • Light Test
  • Leak Test
    • Mass Flow Testing
    • Pressure Decay Testing
  • Radial Seal Testing
    • Torque Testing
    • Run Out Testing
    • Lip Seal Leak Testing