invest, expand, sustain

Our future and success relies on our ability to respond to the customer’s needs. To ensure conformance to those needs, Versatech strives to invest in the highest quality equipment. We continue to expand our facility, staff, and technology as well to meet diverging goals with our customers. As we expand, Versatech strives to develop and improve our infrastructure which allows us to sustain a balance of productivity and quality of work environment. Browse our capabilities by clicking on a category below.


Controlling every aspect of the production from engineering and design to machining, quality control, finishing, and finally shipping, allows Versatech the best opportunity for successfully delivering prime solutions for our clients.

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Versatech’s vision to be a 1-STOP SHOP comes to physical reality with our facility, location, and resources. Our newly designed offices and plant allow flexibility in growth and re-structuring.

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Technology drives every aspect of Versatech. Not just keeping up, but being at the forefront of technology is the position we strive to maintain in order to deliver the most innovative and reliable solutions for our customers.

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