Vision, Mission & Core Values



We are an innovative company, helping our employees and partners reach their highest potential.


Empowering employees to strengthen partnerships through collaboration and creativity.

Core Values:

Safety - Safety is our highest priority.  We will never compromise the safety of our employees or our partners.

Family - We are all here to support our families and to do the things we enjoy. It is our responsibility to provide a work-life balance.

Community - We are committed to giving back to our community by providing good jobs, as well as supporting organizations and people that are important to our co-workers.

Relationships - The relationships with our co-workers, customers and suppliers are critically important. We believe in treating people the way that we want to be treated. We do this by following Christian values.

Teamwork - We make hard work fun by encouraging a strong work ethic and supporting, respecting and enjoying the camaraderie of our internal and external colleagues.

Quality at the Source - We are all responsible for excellence in our work, products, services and relationships.

  • Quality of products and services
  • Quality of processes
  • Quality of life
  • Quality of growth
  • Quality of environment

Ingenuity - We strongly believe in a culture of continuous improvement. We will give our co-workers the freedom to be creative and make decisions. Our success depends on everyone's involvement and empowerment.

Integrity - We are accountable for our actions and results. Doing the right thing will allow us to sleep at night.