Contract Manufacturing


Our response time, quality, and attention to detail has developed another service for our clients in providing them complete high volume manufacturing. Turn-key contract manufacturing starts with procurement of equipment and allocation of space in our facility, fixture design, tooling, prototypes, capability studies, quality control, and full production of the parts. We also serve our customers, buy taking their overflow manufacturing on short term contracts.


Is your flow disrupted and are your technical resources consumed by prototype part production? Versatech is competitively priced on prototype parts due to the use of Lean techniques. Our technical resources understand the stringent quality documentation requirements in the automotive sector. All parts come with a Part Submission Warrant (PSW). We have the experience to bring your prototype part from concept to final part.



If you need to outsource low to high volume repetitive manufacturing work, Versatech has the resources to transfer tooling, PPAP and assume production in an effortless fashion! We can use our internal design team and tooling build resources to be more competitive and transfer work in a timely manner. Using our employees' years of automotive experience, Versatech has perfected the transfer process resulting in a high quality part in a short timeframe.



Are your high volume production parts entering the service phase of your contract? Do cost and capacity analyses signal the need to outsource this low volume work? Let Versatech's skilled team manage the service volume while your team focuses on the higher volume programs. Versatech can address both one time and low volume service builds.


  Short Runs  

Has an emergency job or an unexpected customer demand increase left you with a shortage of capacity? Versatech can help you increase your short term capacity and increase your available floor space.