What Gift Will You Give Your Customers and Employees This Holiday Season?



It's the time of year for giving!  During the holiday season, companies seem to have a generosity that abounds.  Maybe its the joy of the season, or maybe its too much eggnog.  Regardless, it is truly the season for giving!

What do you get your employees and customers?  A turkey?  A fruit basket?  A gift card?  Maybe you hand out cash or a holiday bonus.  While these are all great gifts, here are a few additional ideas to show off your giving spirit to your employees and customers:

  • A holiday lunch - Everyone likes to eat and lunch is even better with a group for friends/colleagues.  If you have a valued customer, gather the team together that works most frequently with that customer, and take them for a nice holiday lunch!  They will enjoy the personal touch, as well as the time away from the office.  The same holds true for valued employees.  Take your department out to lunch at a place they wouldn't normally go to, or, if company size or schedules preclude taking a group out, cater in a nice lunch rather than relying on the old Christmas potluck. 
  • Charitable donations - Instead of getting your customers or employees a gift that needs to be unwrapped, make a donation in their name and include that information on their holiday card.  This is a great way to show your charitable spirit to your employees and customers and to benefit your community, all at the same time!
  • Information - This may sound strange, but sometimes the best gift you can give your employees and your customers is information on the exciting plans you have for the coming year.  What new products will you be rolling out (or maybe you can give a teaser)?  What new programs will you be implementing to help your employees become healthier or to encourage them to save?  Many times, employees and customers feel like they are in the dark about the future of your company.  Be generous and give them information!
  • An experience - Can you treat your employees or customers to a unique experience?  Maybe you have a minor league baseball team in town, and you can rent a box or party area for your employees or major customers to celebrate "Christmas in July".   Or perhaps you have a great local holiday light display, and can take a group to look at lights, or plan an event around that activity.
  • Time - Many companies have started to allow employees a set number of hours a year to volunteer for their favorite local charity.  Announcing such an initiative during the holidays is sure to be appreciated, as many employees have commitments outside of work that preclude volunteering in their off hours.  If you have customers who are involved in charitable causes, you could also offer to allow one or two employees to help them on their volunteer days.

Whatever you do to give back to your employees or customers during the holidays, make sure to add the personal touch wherever you can.  Personally handing out gifts or personally signing cards may seem like activities that would have minimal impact, but people like to be noticed.  Whatever you do to add that personal touch during the holiday season, your efforts are sure to be appreciated!

Happy Holidays from the Versatech team!!