Is Automation the Saving Grace or the Devil in Disguise for Your Operations?


Elvis Presley once sang about the "Devil in Disguise":

"You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise
You're the devil in disguise"

We can relate to the King's feelings here.  How many times have we heard about the "next big thing", only to find out that the downside far outweighs the upside?   Google Glass or New Coke are great examples of products that promised big gains, only to flop in the market because they didn't deliver the benefits promised! 

This reluctance explains the hesitancy many manufacturers experience about incorporating automation into their operations.  Automation looks really great, all shiny and elaborate.  It sure "looks like an angel". 

It also performs mundane tasks with the accuracy and speed that no human can match, so it "walks and talks" like an angel as well. 

However, many manufacturers believe automation is the "devil in disguise".  They have heard countless tales of expensive machinery that just didn't do the job, or required more labor and effort to keep it running than it was worth. 

So, here we are, with a significant and growing workforce skill gap, and, unfortunately, the one thing that can help manufacturers mitigate this problem is feared by many of them.  After all, the hardest manufacturing jobs to fill (repetitive, mundane) are also those for which automation is best suited.  What can we do about this?

The answer is to find a partner who can help walk you through your automation project from the very moment you conceive it.  Someone who is not only interested in selling you equipment but who truly wants to help you find the best performing, most cost effective automation solution to meet your needs.  The work done upfront to specify and design a system that meets your needs and budget will save hours of fretting over costly machinery that doesn't accomplish your goals. 

Versatach is just that partner!  We communicate with you from concept through design, build and installation.  Our turnkey, collaborative process ensures you get the automation you need to accomplish your productivity and manpower goals, while making sure your budgetary constraints are also considered.  

So, don't be afraid!  Contact Versatech when you start discussing your next automation project to improve your productivity and efficiency, or eliminate the human element from your most mundane, repetitive manufacturing tasks.

We will help you take your next automation project from hellish to heavenly!