How Do You Get Projects Done On Time and On Budget?


How does your company get projects done on time and on budget?

If your answer is, "We hand it over to a planning team, who then creates a project plan, which is then executed by internal staff at no sacrifice to our company in the form of time lost on other projects.", that is wonderful for you!

However, if you are like many manufacturers, the answer would most likely be closer to the following:

"We hand it over to a planning team, who then creates a project plan.  However, we struggle to get the plan done without sacrificing our other activities, as we are short staffed in our engineering, manufacturing, and/or IT departments."


"We don't implement projects on time or on budget (or at all) because we can't find a way to get them done without a significant sacrifice to our day to day operations." 

If the latter two statements are closer to your reality, consider calling one of our Program Managers at Versatech! 

One of Versatech's competitive advantages is our ability to quote and execute a turn key service.  That means, as soon as you plan for a new piece of workholding equipment, integration of automation or robotics to your operations, enhancing your Continuous Improvement program, outsourcing production to free up capacity, or collecting data from your shop floor to help you make more timely decisions, Versatech's staff can step in to help you see the project through to completion!

For example, if one of your goals for 2016 is to increase productivity on the shop floor by 20% through the use of automation or robotics, you can make one call to Travis McCammon or Mitch Stevens at Versatech (217-342-3500).  They will come to your faciliity, review your process and discuss the goals of your project and your progress to date.  Based on information collected, we will develop a concept and rough estimate to check project cost against your budget; refine the concept as needed to attempt to satisfy your budgetary needs and still accomplish your goals; finalize the design; build the equipment; provide an opportunity for final runoff to ensure the equipment meets your specifications; deliver the equipment; install it on your production floor; and provide service after the sale. 

That is the essence of turn key solutions!  Versatech can take your project, at whatever stage of planning or execution necessary to get your project done on time, within budget and with minimal sacrifice of your engineers' time so they can work on other key projects!

Versatech's Program Managers are ready to meet your upcoming project needs using the comprehensive approach above.  Just call our staff below at 217-342-3500 if your project needs fall into any of the following areas:

Automation                                        Travis McCammon or Jordan Hammer

Robotics                                            Mitch Stevens

Workholding                                      Tim Helmink

Build to Print                                     Kevin Ruholl

Contract Manufacturing                    Chad Hill

Data Solutions                                  Greg Gillespie

Lean Manufacturing                          Micki Vandeloo

Let us help you save time and make money through our turnkey services!