Exciting New Offerings - Data Integration & Modular Robotic Machine Tending!


Take a Look at Versatech’s Exciting New Product and Service Offerings!

Any great company needs to continue to innovate and evolve to stay ahead of competition.   As is noted in many of Versatech’s Lean Manufacturing Training sessions;

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.  It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.  Every morning a lion wakes up.  It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle—when the sun comes up, you had better be running.”

Well, Versatech is running like the wind from the competition with two new product/service offerings:  Data Integration and VersaCELL Modular Robotic Machine Tending Cells!

Data IntegrationData Solutions - SCADA Energy Management MES Data Analysis Database Integration Project Management

Did you know your machines talk to you?  Well, they don’t exactly carry on a conversation, but, with the right programming and connections, data can be pulled from your machine and sent right to your computer desktop. 

Versatech’s engineers can help you access valuable production data such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness, number of parts produced, and quality information such as good versus scrap parts.  They can wire the machine to your computer and help you design a beautiful dashboard to show you real time data.  Imagine how much better you could manage your business if you had real time production floor data! 

Versatech’s Data Solutions services can help, even if you have an existing data collection program.  We can help you enhance your reporting, or integrate additional equipment into your system.

Contact Greg Gillespie at Versatech to learn more about Versatech’s Data Integration services!

Versatech VersaCELL Modular Robotic Machine Tending CellsVersaCELL Modular Robotic Machine Tending Cells

Do you have mid-size CNC lathes, machining centers or grinders on your production floor?  How many workers does it take to tend this equipment?  Do you have trouble finding good workers to effectively tend the machines?

With the skilled workforce shortage many companies are facing and the projected shrinkage of the available workforce in skilled trades, companies are investigating ways to reduce their reliance on skilled workers.  One way to do so is by automating the machine tending process. That is exactly what Versatech offers in its VersaCELL product line!

VersaCELL Modular Machine Tending Cells provides machine shops a simple, compact, cost effective system for automatic part loading, transfer and unloading.  The cell can be designed with a variety of options, including conveyors and/or drawers for part loading and unloading; the ability to add a machine to the cell and integrate the VersaCELL with the new operation; and quick change robotic tooling. The VersaCELL accommodates both Fanuc and Motoman robots and has the ability to pick parts up to 25 lbs. 

Best of all, the VersaCELL offers flexibility for the ever-changing product lines that run through machine shops.  If the operator needs to manually load and unload a part, the VersaCELL robot can simply be rolled out of the way using the linear bearings designed into the cell. 

Contact Mitch Stevens to learn more about how VersaCELL can help you reduce your labor and increase the flexibility and throughput of your operations!

Versatech’s engineers are continually thinking of new ways to serve our customers!   Until their next big breakthrough, you can see all of our products and services at www.versatech1.com