Manufacturing Day is Just Around the Corner!


Hints for a successful Manufacturing Day 2015

Get Ready, Manufacturing Day 2015 is Just Around the Corner! 

Manufacturing Day is October 2, and, while that may seem far in the future, it is actually less than three months away!  Time is really flying in 2015!  Is your company prepared to participate?

Versatech has participated in Manufacturing Day events and has been part of the planning for this Effingham, IL area event since its inception.  We are pleased to share some hints for those of you who would love to be a part of Manufacturing Day activities, but don’t know where to start!

Hint 1:  Check out

This is the official website of Manufacturing Day and has great resources for those participating or those wishing to start an event in their area.  They have webinars sharing best practices for hosting an event and have a place to search for events in someone’s area.  Use this information to find an event in your area, and, if you aren’t already participating, reach out to the contact for the event and sign up to be an event stop.

Hint 2:  Check with your industry association

Chapters of organizations such as the National Tooling and Machining Association are seeing the possibility for developing the future manufacturing workforce through Manufacturing Day events and are jumping on the bandwagon.   Contact your association to see if they are involved in Manufacturing Day activities around you and offer your company as a tour stop.  Better yet, offer to help plan the day’s activities.

Hint 3:  Consider hosting your own event

If no one in your area is hosting an event, take the bull by the horns and host your own Manufacturing Day event! You can publicize tours of your facility or an open house on October 2.  Versatech actually does tours during the day for school kids, counselors and parents and then opens its doors that evening to the general public for an Open House. 

Hint 4:  Talk your event up!

Tell other area companies, your schools and anyone else who will listen about your Manufacturing Day event.  It is important to get the word out to as many people as possible to make your event a successful one.  If you belong to a Chamber of Commerce or a manufacturing network or association, make sure to announce your event at meetings and in newsletters.

Hint 5:  Put your best foot forward!

Do some planning to make sure you highlight the parts of your company you want those touring to see and pay attention to.  If you can run machinery safely with those visiting, do a short demonstration to show people what you do.  A small giveaway that you manufacture is a fantastic way for people to remember what your company is all about.  Make sure you take the potential for large crowds into account. These are typically very well attended events, so make sure you have extra tour guides available. 

Manufacturing Day is designed to expose students, parents and school staff to the realities and benefits of manufacturing careers in order to generate interest in those careers among students.  Follow the tips above to make sure your facility shines on October 2nd!