Fun Facts About Versatech, LLC



Fun Facts about Versatech LLC

Summer is almost officially upon us!  In celebration of fun summer activities, here are some fun facts about Versatech, LLC. Enjoy!

  • If you do a Google search for Versatech, you will find four companies and one Mazak machining center that include the Versatech name in addition to yours truly!  One company is a supplier of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), one is a software partner and reseller, and one specializes in oil containment!  Our website is
  • Versatech is located in an industrial park alongside the world’s largest cross! The “Cross at the Crossroads”, built at the intersection of interstate I-70 and I-57, is 198 feet tall and 113 feet wide!  If the cross measured two feet taller, according to FFA regulations, a light would have to be installed on top to be seen by airplanes at night.
  • Versatech was started in 2008.  You may remember that year as the beginning of the last economic downturn!
  • When Joe Forbes and Chad Hill started the business with one other employee in 2008, they had $500 in revenue in the first three months!  The company closed 2014 with just over $14 million in sales!
  • There is a horseshoe pit located behind Versatech’s building for employees to pitch horseshoes during breaks.
  • One of the company’s owners is a practical joker. It is well known that nothing is sacred if it is lying unattended and he is around!
  • The company holds a pinewood derby for its employees in addition to several fund raising events, which have included a Dodgeball Tournament to benefit breast cancer research; a day with various races to benefit a vendor’s family; and a Chili Cookoff to raise money for the Children’s Department at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis!
  • The current facility is Versatech’s third building.  The second location was a former beer distributorship, complete with walk in cooler!
  • Versatech has over 100 customers worldwide, and has shipped product to Romania!