Versatech is Absolutely Certifiable (In a Good Way!)


ISO 9001

Usually, when you hear someone is certifiable, it is not a compliment.  It may indicate a certain level of craziness.  In Versatech’s case, however, “certifiable” takes on a whole different meaning. 

Versatech Quality Manager, Mark Kelly, worked diligently over the past year with department leaders to document policies and procedures in preparation for our ISO 9001 audit.  We sought Quality Consultant Mark Sedlacek’s  (Sedlacek Engineering) expertise to ensure we had our “i’s dotted and t’s crossed”.  All this hard work was put to the test when our SGS ISO 9001 audit occurred in December of 2014. 

While the audit was rigorous, Versatech was quickly recommended for certification, with no major nonconformances noted by the auditor.  The official certificate of registration to the ISO 9001 standard was delivered to Versatech in February, 2015.  That was truly a proud day for Versatech!

So, what does this mean to our valuable clients and partners?  There are three advantages to working with an ISO 9001 certified company:

1.      Outside verification of sound practices – A company registered to ISO 9001 has received an outside audit of its practices.  This means that Versatech’s customers and partners don’t need to be concerned about our quality systems.  A third party has verified them to be sound and effective.

2.      Compliance with a standard – There are many ways to run a business, as we all know.  However, the ISO 9001 standard has been developed using best practices by industry professionals.  Therefore, registration to the ISO 9001 standard means that Versatech has chosen to adhere to a standard for management of its quality system.  This should be great comfort to our clients and partners, who should expect to receive responses to quality inquiries and issues in a manner consistent with other ISO 9001 registered suppliers.

3.      Commitment to strong customer and partner relationships – Versatech staff and management put a significant amount of cost and time into our pursuit of registration to the ISO 9001 standard.  We invested so heavily in this effort because we are committed to the pursuit of business excellence and to providing the best possible service to our customers and partners.

So, we at Versatech are proud to be “certifiable” and we look forward to serving you!