Are you Overlooking your BIGGEST Expense?


The end of the year is typically a time when companies look back at their finances over the past year.  They often see the good, the bad and the ugly:

The goodSales went up!

The bad Labor and material cost went up, too!

The uglyProfits are lower than expected!

However, there is likely one expense that a company often overlooks or rationalizes as an “unavoidable cost”, but actually offers a huge opportunity for cost reduction with the right approach.   By reducing this expense, you can realize greater profitability!

Do you know what this expense is?

Hint:  Look at your utility bill.

While turning the lights on, making the climate comfortable for workers and running machines uses energy; this is not an expense to be accepted as a “sunk cost”.   Energy costs can be managed and reduced through a strategic combination of assessment, monitoring and management practices. 

Versatech offers an approach to energy management systems that uses the above practices to help companies identify potential energy savings projects. 

The process starts with identification of the energy conservation opportunities. To do this, Versatech Energy Management experts can conduct an assessment at your facility to identify potential energy conservation measures. 

If the conservation measures include those related to equipment usage, Versatech can install an energy management system to provide ongoing equipment energy usage via metering/monitoring.  This will help your company identify baseline energy usage and feedback on energy usage reduction as improvement activities are completed.  The system will provide real time reports to help you manage your facility’s energy usage and can be installed on one or several pieces of equipment, depending on your company’s needs and resources to utilize the data collected.

Versatech promotes a strategic approach to energy management, including utilizing a cross-functional team of financial, maintenance, production and engineering personnel to help you achieve your energy management goals.  This team should meet on a regular basis to establish energy management goals, review progress toward those goals and identify and implement additional energy savings measures.  Versatech’s Energy Management staff can also participate to provide energy management and engineering expertise. 

If you are concerned about the cost to implement a monitoring system or the investment required to install energy savings measures (variable frequency drives, lighting, etc.), look no further than Versatech!  There are several funding programs that can reduce the cost of implementing costs savings measures and we can help you access those resources, as well!

Whether you have an established program or would like to start a new energy management initiative, Versatech’s Energy Management team is here to help!

Take the first step to increased profits through energy conservation today by contacting Versatech’s Business Development Manager, Micki Vandeloo, at 618-977-8570.