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Versatech's 2017 New Year's Resolution

It is the start of a New Year, many of us make resolutions to get in shape, eat better, or spend more time with those we love.  At Versatech, however, while employee health and family time are key to our company's success, our primary resolution is a little different.  

What Gift Will You Give Your Customers and Employees This Holiday Season?


It's the time of year for giving!  During the holiday season, companies seem to have a generosity that abounds.  Maybe its the joy of the season, or maybe its too much eggnog.  Regardless, it is truly the season for giving!

What We At Versatech Are Thankful for This Thanksgiving!


Later this week, hopefully, you will be eating turkey with your loved ones and giving thanks for the many blessings you have received in 2016.  We at Versatech are going to start this tradition a little bit early, but we have the same spirit of Thanksgiving in our hearts as we do so.

What are we thankful for this year?  Our "attitude of gratitude" is reflected in the list below:

Lean Manufacturing Isn't Just for Manufacturing!

The principles of Lean Manufacturing have been used to reduce waste, improve productivity and reduce costs in manufacturing facilities for decades.  Companies like Toyota have used the systematic elimination of non-value added activities to improve lead times and better utilize production workers with great success. 

Is Automation the Solution to Your Workforce Problem?

One common theme amongst visitors to Versatech's IMTS booth this year was incorporation of automation into manufacturing operations.  Attendees were looking for ways to improve quality and throughput through the use of automation.  I heard the following question repeatedly during the show:

"We can't find good people, so we see no choice but to automate. Can you help us?"

The answer, of course, was "Yes".