MFG Day 2014 @ Versatech!


Versatech participated in MFG Day again this year! Approximately 300 total students toured 10 participating area manufacturers with each group getting to tour two companies!  Versatech student tours were given by the owners and managers along with accompanying presentations. Students visited and learn first hand from our staff about our Engineering Department, Automation / Fixture Assembly Area, Contract Manufacturing Lines, Quality Control Lab, Machine Shop and Prototyping Super Cells. They also highlighted the support occupations that make up Versatech such as Consulting, Purchasing, Shipping & Logistics, Warehouse, Welding & Finishing, Maintenance, HR, and Accounting.  Versatech also had an Expo Informational Booth at Keller Convention Center during the Effingham County Chamber's First Friday Luncheon. Event speaker, Dylan Haun, spoke the kids' language with his presentation titled "The Cheat Code for Success" which emphasized the importance of soft skills as well as technical hard skills.  

Versatech also had an OPEN HOUSE for the general public the same day.  Even with the rain we had a great showing.  We had many employees bring their family members to come and see the important role they play in the Versatech Team. Many from the community had no employee ties to Versatech, but said they had just heard about us and wanted to see what we did here.  The reoccurring comment from most visitors was that they were completely surprised to see the variety of services that Versatech has under one roof and was glad to see the variety of jobs that one company can produce.