EHS Industrial Technology Tour


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Versatech visits EHS Industrial Technology Class - Connecting, Networking & Developing our Future Area Workforce

Versatech recently toured the Effingham High School Industrial Technology Class to find tremendous strides are being taken to educate and certify students with current industrial knowledge and hands-on experience.  Ty Totten, Industrial Tech Instructor, explained that once the students complete the course they receive dual credit through Lake Land College.  They also cover the Manufacturing Skills Standard Council material, specifically, High Performance Manufacturing Production Technician Certification.  To receive their MSSC certification, students have to pass four tests that cover Safety, Quality Control and Measurements, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness.  Each MSSC certification costs the students $25 and there is a one time setup fee of $28.  Students who pass all four certification areas are better prepared for the manufacturing industry and can further benefit from increased hourly pay due to the certification and experience. 

Throughout the course, students alternate between stations and perform labs in each area.  The stations include, 3D Printing, Applied Electrical Controls, Pneumatic & Hydraulic, AC/DC Electrical, Mechanical Systems, CNC Machining, Quality Assurance Measuring and Robotics/Automation.  One student, Brooke Schnepper, mentioned that she had been on the Versatech tour for Manufacturing Days in October and was excited to see how the circuits she was learning about in class were being applied in the field, which peaked her interest about the computer controls opportunities as well.  Another student, Nathaniel Case, currently works at Versatech part-time, where he uses his measuring and quality control knowledge gained in this course. Ty Totten works hard to make sure the course stays current with cutting edge Industrial Technology Systems which was demonstrated by the 3D printer station.  The station is even equipped with a camera that feeds a live webcast of current 3D printing projects while they happen!

Versatech is a company requiring skilled employees in many disciplines of Industrial Technology, so we are extremely excited to see this type of course being offered here at our local school.  The results of this class directly effect our future workforce pool and that is critical in a smaller community like Effingham.