Big Earl's Extreme Race


Big Earls Extreme RaceThey were muddy and sore, but had a whole lot of FUN for some really good causes!  Saturday, August 16th, a group of Versatech employees and friends challenged themselves during this fun obstacle course run that covers 3 miles of trail and over 15 obstacles!  Left to right: Jared Yager, Brian Miller, Adam Germscheid, Rex Williams, Eric Pontious, Trampis Hamilton, Stacy Taylor, Jon Holland.  Proceeds benefited Abby Franzen, 1st grader at Altamont Lutheran Interparish School, daughter of Daryn & Carol Franzen, battling Fanconi Anemia & Effingham County Sheriff’s Department Shop with a Cop Program.  Visit Big Earl's Extreme Race Website to learn more about this annual event,  how to be a sponsor, or how to register to join in the fun next year.