2015 Chamber Board Chairman


Joe Forbes 2015 Chamber Board ChairmanVersatech partner, Joe Forbes, is the new 2015 Effingham County Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman.  Joe outlines his goals to develop three areas that will ensure a successful and enduring community.  He believes the best results for these goals can be achieved through Chamber networking with local schools, organizations, and communities. There is such an amazing group of individuals that make up the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce Staff, Board, and Members, that certainly NO task is unimaginable!   Joe looks forward to guiding the Chamber to attain these goals while serving his one year term.

Goal 1 - Enhance the focus on employee skills in Effingham County

The Chamber will continue to identify the current and future employee skills needed to support businesses in Effingham County and will utilize this knowledge to work with organizations to develop programs that meet those needs.  These programs may come in the form of Lunch and Learns or seminars/webinars to meet short term needs, but we hope to build this foundation into something larger, such as a regional vocational training center focused on Manufacturing and the Skilled Trades for high school students as well as adults.

Goal 2 - Determine ways to attract & retain talent for Effingham County businesses

The Chamber will build on the success of Effingham County Manufacturing Day to increase awareness of the great jobs available in Effingham County.  Ideas to expand this program could include a Skilled Trades Day, a Health Care Day, a Financial Day, etc.  Additionally, a more structured job shadowing and company tour program would expose more students to our local businesses. 

I would also like to see the Chamber expand the job posting and resume repository capabilities of our Chamber Master software.  We need to communicate these opportunities to a larger audience through the use of technology and social media.  I envision having employees of Chamber members sign up, follow, or friend the Chamber’s many social media outlets (E-mail blast, twitter, Linked In, Facebook) to receive notice of employment opportunities.  Each of these people could then communicate the opportunity to family and friends outside of this community.  From my experience, enlisting employees as your primary source of recruitment have been very successful.  

Goal 3 - Assist local organizations in promoting Effingham County as a great place to do business

My final goal would be to investigate ways to participate with local government and other economic development organizations in building a common message to potential businesses interested in moving to Effingham County.  This includes continuing the Chambers’ support for local amenities, such as the TREC trail system, Richard E. Workman Sports and Wellness Complex, and The Effingham Performance Center, which help attract businesses and employees alike. 

As you can see, none of these goals can be accomplished without the assistance and cooperation of many people and organizations.  Through networking and a common interest in making our communities and businesses stronger, I believe we can achieve these results and looking forward to working with you to achieve these goals.