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Robots Are NOT Going to Take Over the World!

A man stopped by our IMTS booth at the show this year.  He was intently looking at our robotic flashlight assembly cell.  In case you missed it, this cell takes the parts of a flashlight, puts the components in place, tests the polarity of a battery, measures whether the battery has power, installs the battery, tests the flashlight and delivers the working flashlight to the recipient.  All using a small robot.

What We Learned From Our First IMTS Exhibiting Experience!

The Anticipation is Killing Us!!

Do you remember that song from the Heinz Ketchup commercial, "Anticipation"?  The lyrics went something like this:

"Anticipation...Anticipation, it's making me wait..."

When Do You Need a New Workholding Fixture the Right Solution?

Do you have any of the following manufacturing issues?

  • Not meeting customer production volume demands?
  • Quality issues?
  • Non-value added time to put parts in the fixture or to switch fixtures out? 

If you are struggling with any of these situations, Versatech's workholding solutions are worth checking out!

The Road to IMTS 2016 (Booth N-6297)!